Great Falls Heart & Soul Team

Shelley Price

Shelley Price is the current Executive Director of GRASP (Great Falls Referral & Assistance Service Project), a 501(c)3 nonprofit in Great Falls. She has been with GRASP since 2017 and works diligently to increase and diversify their revenue, build partnerships, and work closely with staff and volunteers to provide quality services to people in need. She also serves as chair-elect for the Chester County Chamber of Commerce. Shelley was born and raised in Great Falls where she and her husband are now raising their children. She is a licensed master’s level social worker with 15 years’ experience working with individuals and families from all walks of life. She is always looking to expand her skill set and use her experience to improve her community.

Mike Vaughn

Mike Vaughn serves District 2 on Chester County Council.  He is an active community organizer who began by organizing River sweeps and continues to work with the Great Falls Hometown Association and the Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation. He owns and operates Great Falls Adventures, a kayak rental and guide service.   He is a former Chairman of the Great Falls Hometown Association and is current President of the Great Falls Cemetery Association. Mike was very instrumental in forming the Great Falls Community Heart and Soul and continues to work hard for our organization.

Wytricia Mack

Wytricia Mack, is the founder and owner of Promack Solution LLC, with a focus on credit repair and bail bonding since 2013. She's an authorized notary providing mobile services in
South Carolina. She's also the co-owner of Smack Trucking LLC contributing to the success of the transportation industry. Ms. Mack is the founder and President of Salt of the Earth 2022, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in January 2022. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals who are experiencing or are at risk of mental health and substance use conditions, by promoting mental health awareness, preventing substance misuse, and providing adequate treatment. My diverse background includes being an Ordained Minister, a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), and an Integrated Forensic Peer Recovery Specialist (I-FPRS). Wytricia also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies.

Alison Howe

Alison Howe serves as a member of the Town of Great Falls Zoning Ordinance and Land Development.  She is an active community member who has served on The GRASP board and takes part in River sweeps. Alison also was an educator at Great Falls Elementary for ten years. Mrs. Howe serves a team member of Great Falls Heart and Soul team and she also serves in the Communication Sub-committee, she also was active in the formation of the Heart and Soul in our communities. Alison and her family bring insightful views, talents, varied interest, experience, and love for the Great Falls Community. She serves as a member of our leadership team and remains actively involved in the Communications sub-committee. 

Kesha Hayes Horton

Kesha Hayes Horton is an Administrative Assistance at The Clemson Cooperative Extension in Lancaster County where she's also served as a volunteer for 15 years with extensive experience as a 4-H leader helping the Great Falls Community as well as Chester and Lancaster County. (Clemson University Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development uses a learn-by-doing approach to help youth gain the knowledge and skills to be responsible, productive, and contributing members of society.) Kesha is also the Secretary of the Great Falls Hometown Association and on the Great Falls Zoning Board of Appeals. Specializing in Administration and Computer Science, Kesha uses that experience to assist the Great Falls Heart & Soul team with the Data Management as well as some communication, events and computer support. Mrs. Horton was active in forming the Great Falls Community Heart and Soul and continues to work for our organization as she serves on the Great Falls Leadership Team

Maxine Tate 

My name is Maxine Tate. I have lived in Great Falls most of my life. I am married to Michael Tate. We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I am on the GRASP Board, Hazel Pittman Board, and SIC/ PTO at Great Falls Elementary School where I have worked for the past 34 years. I'm currently serving as a team lead and Events subcommittee member of the Heart and Soul of Great Falls. 

Cynthia Curtis

Cynthia Curtis has worked at the Arras Foundation since 2018 ( as a Community Investment Officer in Lancaster County, Fort Lawn, and Great Falls. She’s a certified Community Heart & Soul Coach for the region, served as a Coach of Kershaw Heart & Soul (2018-2021), and currently works as the Coach of Great Falls Heart & Soul (2021-present).  Cynthia worked as the City of Chester Grants & Community Development Coordinator (2014-2017). She lived in El Salvador for over 21 years and worked in international cooperation for development. Her local-global development experience centers on building transformative partnerships, grant making & grant seeking, community economic development, intercultural cooperation, and capacity building. Cynthia speaks fluent Spanish. She serves on the board of Companion Community Development Alternatives, (, and is a member of the Lancaster Breakfast Rotary Club.