Great Falls Heart & Soul

The Great Falls Heart & Soul reconnects people with what they love most about the town of Great Falls and translates those personal & emotional connections into a blueprint for the future community decisions.  We want to know what the future looks like for Great Falls and how to achieve it.   


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"The Conversations In Great Falls" is in full effect, reaching further out IN EVERY PART OF OUR COMMUNITIES, to the schools, churches, businesses, every pocket of our neighborhoods; inviting all, resident, every business owner, young and old and male and female, all are welcome to SHARE not only what you love most about OUR town, but also your HOPES and DREAMS for our town!!




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On October 18, 2023, our very first story gathering group session, we started with our students, our Great Falls Heart and Soul team visited Great Falls High School to learn what the next generation of residents love about their community. Students cautiously entered into conversations about the Teenage perspectives of the Great Falls experience. They became activated, when, in realizing, that we gave them the opportunity to express their views from a teenage perspective in a safe and positive exchange of views among themselves.

Are YOU a Great Falls resident eager to share your hopes and dreams for our town? 

We're ready to listen................

We are embarking on a unique journey to gather diverse stories and insights from our communities. Your voice matter, and Pastor Wytricia Mack, and the team members and volunteers from the Great Falls Heart and Soul Program will be honored to have you contribute to our story gather and the community surveys. Let's create something meaningful TOGETHER! We need to truly understand the heart and soul of our town, we need you perspective. Your experiences and stories shape the vibrant tapestry of our community. Share the essence of what make our town special and unique - your voice is the KEY to unlocking the soul of our collective Narrative. Join Pastor Wytricia Mack and the team members of the Great Falls Heart and Soul on this eventful and fulfilling gathering in our community.